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Shopmobility appeal and celebrating 2 years since joining the Harborough Lotto

22 July 2020

Shopmobility Market Harborough is still managing to operate during the Covid-19 crisis even though its base, Roman Way Community Centre, remains closed (as at 17 July).  We have continued to make a difference to people's lives, for example by providing mobility equipment to enable people to attend hospital appointments,  to move around their homes safely and to get to the town shops in comfort etc.

All the money raised through the Harborough Lotto goes towards keeping our charges affordable to all.  One new member recently said that the use of one of our mobility scooters had given her a new lease of life, as she was no longer trapped inside her home.  If you are interested in hiring one of our scooters, please do get in touch.  We take the time and trouble to ensure that all our scooter users can drive the vehicle safely before agreeing to a hire.  It is always worth hiring a mobility scooter before buying one to make sure that it is something that you will use, rather than the scooter just gathering dust in a garage. 

We are continuing to receive donations of mobility equipment that are no longer required.  After a thorough clean and check over, we then either add the item to our fleet or include it on the list of items for sale. 

Just at the beginning of the Covid crisis we took delivery of a brand new shed in which to store and sort the donated items until they could be sold.  This was partly funded by the Harborough District Council Community Fund (which was part funded by the Harborough Lotto). There is still some work to be done to the shed but this can hopefully be completed soon.  Donating items to Shopmobility not only helps the charity by raising money through selling the items, but also provides affordable mobility aids to the people of Harborough, it is good for the environment as it prevents landfill and also conserves the earth's resources.   A real win-win! We have an E-bay shop where we sell the donated items, including a very comfortable reclining chair, which is as good as new.  We do also have additional items that are not listed, so it is always worth telephoning to see if we can help (Tel: 0116 305 2343).

When we are fully operational again (hopefully soon!), we will be able to undertake servicing of mobility scooters and wheelchairs at an affordable rate, together with offering an impartial fault finding service that you can trust.

Further information about Shopmobility Market Harborough can be found on our website  or on our facebook page

One of Shopmobility's members, returning after doing some shopping in Market Harborough town centre.  She says that the use of our mobility scooters means that she can remain independent and visit the town's shops, which she would otherwise be unable to access.


Our causes are on track to raise £37,970.40 this year

36.01% Complete

1,217 tickets of our 3,380 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £37,970.40 this year

36.01% Complete

1,217 tickets of our 3,380 ticket goal