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Top 20 Money Saving Tips

When times are tough, is it possible to save money and still be able to support your local community? Follow our top 20 money saving tips, and the answer will be ‘Yes’. Recent rises in the...

12 April 2022

Market Harborough Fixers

Market Harborough Fixers assist in the repair of any small items e.g, electrical, clothing, toys, jewellery, anything household or hand held basically but they also try to help teach & encourage p...

15 December 2021

Leire resident wins £250 cash on Harborough Lotto

On Saturday 20th November, Leire resident Sarah Statham won £250 cash on the Harborough Lotto draw. We caught up with Sarah in the week to congratulate her and asked the following: W hy are you ...

24 November 2021

Market Harborough Lawn Tennis Club scoop £250

Market Harborough Tennis club have been the latest club to scoop £250 and are using Lottery funding to help pay for their disabled coaching sessions twice per week. We caught up with Lesley, who...

26 October 2021

Harborough FM celebrates another £250 win

Harborough FM celebrated another big win last Saturday with one supporter winning £250 and another winning £25. This was their third supporter to win £250 and 48th winning £25....

15 September 2021

Another £250 win for Lutterworth Community Transport

On 5th June 2021, we had another Harborough Lotto player celebrate a £250.00 win by buying a ticket supporting Lutterworth Community Transport. We caught up with our winner Drew to ask him wher...

11 June 2021

Lutterworth Community Transport going above and beyond during covid

Lutterworth Community Transport whilst continuing to provide car journeys for essential health appointments in the last year, also redeployed their resources to help in the community where possible. A...

15 April 2021

MH Rugby Union Football Club supporter scoops £2k win on Lotto

On Saturday 6th February, we celebrated our 4th supporter winning £2k on the Harborough Lotto. This time, the winner was supporting MHRUFC. We caught up with them this week and asked what encour...

10 February 2021

Great Glen Community Library - benefitting from the Harborough Lotto

On Saturday 3rd October, a supporter of Great Glen Community Library, scooped a £250 winning ticket. We caught up with Gillian Townsend who helps run the library and asked her how being part of ...

22 October 2020

Oadby resident scoops £250 winning ticket

Oadby resident Brian Arnold scooped £250 win on Saturday 3rd October while supporting Great Glen Community Library. We caught up with Brian and asked him why he played the Harborough Lotto. I ch...

21 October 2020

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