The Big Good Causes Draw WINNER

Thu 8 November 2018
The Big Good Causes Draw WINNER

Launched in May as a fundraising tool for local community groups the Harborough lotto already sells nearly 1,000 tickets benefiting 34 good causes who each receive a share of ticket sales.

The lottery is on course to raise over £30,000 for good causes in its first year.  

To date over £2,500 has also been paid out to players who successful matched lotto numbers.

This fundraising tool would not be successful without the support of community groups so we are announcing the results of a special prize draw just for those community groups to recognise their enthusiasm and commitment.

Every good cause that had managed to get 20 supporters was entered into a £2,000 prize draw on Saturday 3 November, officiated by Gatherwell.

We streamed the Draw on Facebook Live on 7th November at 6.30pm

and the winner was




Congratulations from the Harborough Lotto Team



Funds raised this year


34.48% Complete

1086 tickets of our 3150 ticket goal