Market Harborough Trampoline Academy

Fri 31 May 2019
Market Harborough Trampoline Academy

Everyone at the club is delighted with our first year of Harborough Lotto. We have used the £558.50 funds towards fitness equipment and replacing two worn trampoline beds.

The lotto has supported us so far with replenishing equipment. The future goals are to upskill more of our super volunteer coaching staff, and get a new Olympic standard trampoline by the end of the 2021 season.

We promote the lotto through our Facebook, Twitter, member email newsletters, and competition programmes.

The club photo from 3rd May 2019 shows the fitness kit we have got through lotto supporters. Thanks to everyone that has played to support MHTA this year. We wouldn’t have this equipment without you!


I personally managed to win free tickets this year on a few occasions. There was a cash winner amongst our supporters as well, which reassures you are in with a real chance to win cash. Looking forward to another year with Harborough lotto.

Kind Regards,

Kieran Grundy

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