Kibworth Community Library

Sat 8 June 2019
Kibworth Community Library

Kibworth Community Library

For Kibworth Community Library being part of Harborough Lotto is a very exciting new venture for us.

We have only recently signed up but have already started gathering supporters and we have begun to receive the proceeds from ticket sales.  

  We are so grateful to all of our supporters and for Harborough Lotto for giving us the opportunity to raise these funds.

As a community run library any money we raise is incredibly valuable to us. Every single penny we collect goes to keeping the library open and extending the resources and activities we offer.

Being able to run our children’s events and free-to-all coffee, cake and conversation is enormously important to us and everyone in the village who enjoy them.

We promote the lottery via social media, mail shots, and posters and flyers in the library.

Ian Harrison
Kibworth Community Library
Registered Charity 1177722

Funds raised this year


34.75% Complete

1112 tickets of our 3200 ticket goal